Molasses and Sunshine; Wordless Wednesday with cookies!

One of the nicest things about being self employed and working from home is when things really start to get stressful, you’re totally allowed to stop everything and make a batch of cookies.  These were both delicious and a little therapeutic.  The recipe for these amazing Molasses Drops can be found over at our good friend Martha’s.  Please go make a batch right now.


  1. Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse says

    your cookies look YUMMY. ah, molasses. so good. i love the pics of your little helper, esp the close up of her hands at work.

  2. katie of katiedid says

    We love ginger/molasses cookies too! I couldn't agree more about being able to drop everything and make a cheer-me-up batch of anything tasty and usually sweet. We've got a cheer-us-up tray of white chocolate chunk and hazelnut brownies in our kitchen now (but not for much longer) :)

  3. SibStudio says

    It is the nice part of about working from home – taking a break to something fun. The cookies look delicious! And your little helper is adorable!

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