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Some Spring Announcements from Cubit’s

Friday, March 30th, 2012

What a March! In like a lamb and out like a lion weather wise.  The second busiest month in our three year history is coming to an end and we have some projects we’d like to share.

Our biggest news is that we are moving ahead with the purchase of 14 acres of farm land and an English style Loyalist barn in Prince Edward County, Ontario. We are planning on having a fantastic kickstarter campaign starting in April so you can help us preserve this historic barn. It has had quite a rough winter.

After quite a bit of work and some help from our friends over at ohmyhandmade and boutiquemama and have a new online shop up and running here on this site. To celebrate this project finally being finished ( it has been a long time coming), we’re giving each customer that checks out with the new shop a pack of french breakfast radishes along with their order.


Last but not least, I have a copy of Gayla Trail’s new book all about growing herbs, Easy Growing, that we’ll be giving away next week. It’s pretty great.

I should have a little more time for the blog this month and have some good posts planned as thanks for such a great month.

New Words and Big Ideas

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Rebecca has been talking more.

She’s said camera for a while but now it’s “Beck’s Camera” and “Becca Needs Beck’s Camera”.

I’m glad they’re hers.

She also has a few sentences.  Funny that they are mostly about gardening.  She’s been desperate to plant, even lining up beans on the table and burying them with a spoon shovel.  Now that we are finally back out side she asks for seeds every day.  “Becca Plant the Seed!” She’s very good at it and we should have lots of thyme growing among the flagstone in no time.  She tends to use a bigger shovel the smaller the seed.

We’re taking the weekend off to rest so she’s in perfect health for some minor surgery on Monday.  We’re finally having this pesky tongue tie taken care of and I’m very curious to see what developments we see in her speech following her frenectomy.