Farm Treasures: Refinished Apple Crates

Barn Door Latch

Behind this barn door is such a glorious mess. Hidden in that mess there are some pretty worn out apple crates from when the farm really harvested from the orchard. After some hard work, a good scrub, lots of sanding, a little planing and getting Ryan to cut new bottoms from some old wooden siding, […]

Oh My Mess! to DIY Pantry P0rn


Way back in January,  I was inspired to clean up my pantry.  Friends at Well Preserved and Folks Gotta Eat were writing these great posts about overhauling their pantries and finding 10 bags of quinoa, 4 bags of icing sugar and secret stashes of pudding mix.  Well I dove right in, found my share of […]

DIY Felted Wool Balls for Busy Toddlers


Let me start by saying that my family has a slight wool addiction.  We all have thick wool blankets, there’s a pile of wool coats in the porch, we suggest wool CSA’s from Stoddart farms as Christmas gifts, Rebecca has an outstanding assortment of hand knitted hats and wore wool diaper covers in her babyhood. […]

How to: Recycled Wool Felt Christmas Wreath


Our new wreath gets quite a bit of attention.  But I have a secret, it wasn’t hard to make and it’s really just an old jacket and took one long baby nap to make. Here’s how to do it: First you need some felt.  This is wreath was formerly an old wool jacket that I felted in […]

How to: Cloth Baby Wipes

how to make cloth baby wipes

We use cloth diapers for Rebecca (and now Robin) and although we get asked about the diapers all the time we also frequently field questions about wipes.  We do buy disposables from time to time but 99% of the time we use cloth wipes. We prefer cloth wipes for a quite a few reasons.  For […]