The First Rule of Seed Club is…

Working Together cc 2013

I often get asked how I do it. How I run a business, take care of two littles, carve out just a little time for some volunteer work and even maybe a little time for myself (I went to the dentist and the naturopathic doctor this week. That counts, right?). The truth is it’s a […]

New in the Shop! Cubit’s Farm & Food Photos on Etsy

Laura Watt Screen Print Collage cc 2002

Once upon a time, I used to sell my art. Unfortunately I found the whole ordeal extraordinarily stressful. I think back to the stress of openings, the expense of showing in galleries, and enormous effort of the outdoor shows and just shudder. So a few years ago, I decided that I needed a nice long […]

Lucky Etsy Baby


I couldn’t help it, the new baby needed a few things from fellow Canadian Etsy sellers Rebecca and Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company. A cheerful little package arrived today.  It contained a sweet sheep bib (baby’s quilt will have this fabric in it too) and tiny organic hat for the first few days. { update } […]

Let’s Wrap This Up: Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping and Etsy Finds


Inspired by Karen’s Christmas pledge over at The Art of Doing Stuff I am trying my hardest to stay ahead of the holiday madness and not over commit myself this year. She’s pledged to be done (DONE!) her christmas preparations by December 4th so she’s free to enjoy the holidays. I’m inspired, but as the […]