Little Summer Moments

Kinder surprise on the Canadian Shield #kindermom

School is finally out and we have officially moved to the farm for the summer! Hooray! This means my family is on vacation but I am most certainly not.  This is the time of year where I get to fret about tomatoes and take notes about radishes while they blow bubbles.  It’s lovely and full […]

Announcing our Crowdfunding Farmraiser & Hoping You’ll Share

Cubit's farmraiser

When I started Cubit’s 4 years ago, I couldn’t have possibly imagined how the business, and really our entire lives would change so much in so little time. Starting out collecting seeds from our city garden, taking business classes while gigantically pregnant with Rebecca, writing a business plan with the satisfaction that only the recently […]

Farm Treasures: Reclaiming Glass Crown & Corona Jar Lids

Dusty glass jar lids

The farm is just full of treasures.  Well treasures in my eyes anyway. For example, this bee-filled vehicle shed has quite a few giant, blue glass, made in Canada, Crown jars. They start out looking pretty hopeless. But all it takes is a little elbow grease and an sos pad to turn them into this: […]

Some Family Portraits {before I forget and start sharing baby pictures}

Pregnancy Family Portraits at the Farm cc Cubits Organic Living

Recently my parents visited us a the farm and we thought we’d take advantage of the second camera and my photographer mother and try to document this pregnancy as it’s quickly coming to an end. The light was perfect and the abandoned faulty haystack had been calling me for days. The overtired toddler, uncooperative dog, […]