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Announcing our Crowdfunding Farmraiser & Hoping You’ll Share

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

When I started Cubit’s 4 years ago, I couldn’t have possibly imagined how the business, and really our entire lives would change so much in so little time.

Starting out collecting seeds from our city garden, taking business classes while gigantically pregnant with Rebecca, writing a business plan with the satisfaction that only the recently fired can know, and sending out our first orders was especially sweet.

Thousands of orders later, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be to start the next chapter of Cubit’s. We have out grown the city gardens we’ve been growing in and have agreed to purchase 14 acres of Ontario farm land to grow our seed on. We just wrapped up our first growing season and are busy preparing for next year.

So today we’re launching our #farmraiser; That’s like a barn raising crossed with a farm buying fundraiser. Please join us over on the crowdfunding site indiegogo for all the details and to pitch in.  You can do a little holiday shopping or get started on your spring planning and help us all at the same time.

In addition to the #farmraiser, we’re having a contest. We need help spreading the word and are hoping you’ll help.  Let us know when you’ve shared the campaign on sites like faceboook by leaving the link here in the comments or by using the hashtag #farmraiser on twitter and pinterest. Every  share counts as an entry and the winner will receive a double seed of the month subscription along with one of my photo post cards and a coupon for 25% your spring order.

Contest closes December 31st, 2012. Open to Canada and the USA.

Farm Treasures: Reclaiming Glass Crown & Corona Jar Lids

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The farm is just full of treasures.  Well treasures in my eyes anyway. For example, this bee-filled vehicle shed has quite a few giant, blue glass, made in Canada, Crown jars.

They start out looking pretty hopeless.

But all it takes is a little elbow grease and an sos pad to turn them into this:

They may not be up to modern preserving guidelines but  now I have all the glass jars and lids I could ever want for storing my dry goods and leftovers. I think they’re gorgeous.

Some Family Portraits {before I forget and start sharing baby pictures}

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Recently my parents visited us a the farm and we thought we’d take advantage of the second camera and my photographer mother and try to document this pregnancy as it’s quickly coming to an end.

The light was perfect and the abandoned faulty haystack had been calling me for days.

The overtired toddler, uncooperative dog, totally pregnant mother (34 weeks pregnant here), and completely worn out husband and father really made sure that we  accurately caught this moment in time.

I don’t think we got a single “perfect” shot but these pretty much sum things up. Although truthfully, there’s usually more dirt.

I’m Big! Rebecca’s Third Birthday

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Rebecca woke up this morning at the farm, stood on the bed, and declared “I’m Big!”

She’s right; Somehow it’s her third birthday. Not quite sure how that happened. We started celebrating by letting her pick as many tomatoes as she wanted. We’ve just arrived back in the city and apparently that means she wants sushi for dinner.  Who am I to question these things?

My Parent’s First Visit to the Farm & What to do with all Those Zucchinis

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

My parents came to visit the farm for the first time last week. They were our very first visitors and they make no secret that they think we have lost our minds by taking on this project. Their visit just happened to coincide with a major heat wave and drought conditions. So after a few days alone in a tin can, in the middle of a field, with sporadic water supply, a bug bitten toddler, at 33 weeks pregnant I was starting to wonder the same thing.  What had I gotten us into?  I mean it was 37 degrees in the shade, except that we have no shade.

So glad my photographer mother was able to help photograph the mood.

Then Ryan came back from working in the city and despite the heat, some nice things happened to remind me why we need this land and what the point of it all is.

1st we woke up to this deer: She looked at us and shook her tail just like Hazel would then returned to grazing our freshly hayed field.

Then we got just a tiny little bit of rain so we were able to weed the herb garden a just little and save what we thinned out for dinner.

Most importantly, I borrowed Almerinda’s amazing stove, kitchen and running water and made my parents a fantastic meal. Using local zucchini and cherry tomatoes, herbs from the garden and the new Foodland Ontario booklet this easy dinner brought home the point that growing your own food is simply one of the most enjoyable things there is in life.

Following this recipe for Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables and Rigatoni was pretty simple. I often stray from recipes but this one doesn’t need any tweaking at all. We’ve made it a few times now as the ingredients are all in season, it has two vegetarian sources of protien in the beans and copious amounts of goat cheese, it’s really quick to make and it uses at least 2 zucchinis which is pretty important this time of year.

Start by grilling local veggies like zucchini and cherry tomatoes on the bbq while the water  for the rigatoni boils.

Then I used my gorgeous mortar and pestle that Ryan got from Clam Labs on Etsy for me this past christmas to mash up the herbs in oil.

 It’s really the perfect summer meal.

It’s really the perfect farm too.