New in the Shop! Cubit’s Farm & Food Photos on Etsy

Laura Watt Screen Print Collage cc 2002

Once upon a time, I used to sell my art. Unfortunately I found the whole ordeal extraordinarily stressful. I think back to the stress of openings, the expense of showing in galleries, and enormous effort of the outdoor shows and just shudder. So a few years ago, I decided that I needed a nice long […]

Cheerful Cloth Napkins and a Giveaway So You Can Have Some Too


Sometimes the simplest things can make you happy.  Like 20 year old cloth napkins stolen from your mother.  Or actually using all those vintage handkerchiefs for something.  Trading seeds for napkins on etsy is also nice.  As is receiving kitchy gifts in the mail from Rosa.  Matching dishes with napkins is strangely satisfying. Gillian of […]

Internet Excitement! Clawfoot bathtub potatoes are a hit!


Much excitement on the blog this weekend. Our clawfoot bathtub potatoes are a runaway hit! This post about growing potatoes in containers: That was also posted over here on Julia’s goat-notes: Went from twitter, to treehugger where Colleen wrote up this nice little post about our bathtub of potatoes: Which then ended […]

Beans Glorious Beans & A Hip Girl Giveaway


This year is the year of the bean in our garden.  Our soil composition and amount of sun light limits the amount of tomatoes we can grow so I’ve planted them in other gardens and am replacing two beds of tomatoes with beans. Since we’re growing so many beans we’re also building quite a few […]