Real Food Recipe: Heavenly Baked Beans


We have always been relatively healthy eaters but everybody has their vices, mine is canned beans. Due to the baby’s soy allergy/intolerance, our participation in the Nestle boycott,and the desire to eat more whole foods we’ve been making things from scratch.  There is little as satisfying as taking an over processed comfort/junk food and using […]

Recipe: Pickled Beets are Delicious


Beets are one of my favourite vegetables.  They are so easy to grow, grow beautifully in a container or in the garden, come in so many colours and shapes and even striped.  I also enjoy that the entire plant is edible, the tops are great steamed with vinegar and butter, and although a roasted beet […]

Wordless Wednesday: Gratuitous Carrot Photography / Pornography


In celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving we harvested and shared the last of our carrots from the garden with my family. My soil is mainly sand, which may be terrible for tomatoes but it certainly makes good carrots. This year we had great luck growing a rainbow of carrots; white, yellow, red, orange and purple.  Rebecca […]

Recipe: Perfect Pesto


The last pesto of the season is always delicious but also a little sad.  I suppose not having fresh pesto all winter just makes it more delicious in the spring.  I’ll try to make this quick and painless so I don’t miss it too much.  Pesto is so, so, so simple to make and absolutely […]

Recipe: Autumn Soup


This is a staple at our house once the weather starts to get colder and the vegetables from the garden start to take over the house.  Currently we are overrun with carrots and squash so it must be time for soup. First things first we need to make the stock.  I like to have some […]