#LetsbeLitterfree and Pack a Litterless Bento Lunch


Our school has a strict litter less lunch policy.  Any packaging that goes to school gets packed right back into the bag and sent home. If you break the rules enough, lunch lady Holly will corner you on the playground and tell you to stop sending tiny yogurts no matter how cute they are. Ha! […]

Spring One of a Kind Show 2015


We’re gearing up for the Spring One of a Kind Show here in Toronto and it’s our first time in a full sized booth. The gift guide just arrived at my door and it features our tomato gift set so I better make this post quickly and speed up my seed packing. This time next […]

Cubit’s New Year’s Renovations

Toddler Robin with hammer www.CubitsOrganics.com

Please excuse our appearance! We are tidying up all things Cubit’s to start the new year fresh and go into the spring seed season swinging. We are redesigning this blog, building a new online shop, renovating our tiny kitchen, and listing a bunch of new seeds, mainly really cool rare tomatoes, on our etsy shop. All […]

Five Ways to Use an Electric Dog Fence on Your Homestead

Maizey in Consecon

If you have a farm or homestead, you know how important it is to be organized and to have systems in place for dealing with any issues that arise. When you have pets, it’s especially important to take the necessary precautions for keeping them safe on your property. Traditional fences are often used to keep […]