Cubit’s New Year’s Renovations

Toddler Robin with hammer

Please excuse our appearance! We are tidying up all things Cubit’s to start the new year fresh and go into the spring seed season swinging. We are redesigning this blog, building a new online shop, renovating our tiny kitchen, and listing a bunch of new seeds, mainly really cool rare tomatoes, on our etsy shop. All […]

{ Photos } project 365 week 34 September 4th – September 10 2014


09.10.2014 We pretty much took photos of tomatoes for a week straight.  This is Kaleidoscope Jewel Tomato. 09.09.2014 Here’s some Blanche du Canada Tomatoes looking pretty on my new plate. 09.08.2014 My charming photo assistant arranging Patricia Radishes for their photo shoot. 09.07.2014 Rebecca picking San Marzano Tomatoes. 09.06.2014 Rebecca and Robin love these benches […]

{ Photos } project 365 week 33 August 28th – September 3rd 2014


03.09.2014 Yellow Ruffles Tomato.  Should have these seeds listed in the shop shortly. 02.09.2014 First day of Senior Kindergarten and Nursery School. 01.09.2014 Well Preserved come to visit and bring their own photographers. 31.08.2014 ROBIN’S SECOND BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe it’s been two years since he was born.  30.08.2014 The moment of truth; Have Ryan and […]