Almost Wordless Wednesday: Almost the Last Harvest of the year

Here are the left overs from cleaning up the front yard garden; a few cucumbers including one little crystal apple cucumber and a ton of mainly-green tomatoes.  I’ll keep them around for a few days to admire, we’ll see what else ripens, then I’m going to try some of Gayla’s Roasted Green Tomatoes.
After all that yard work, we had a nice lunch, baby-led weaning style, with the new unsmashable kinderville cup.
This last photo is of mystery squash that grew in my mother’s compost. Any ideas as to what it could be?

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7 Responses to “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Almost the Last Harvest of the year”

  1. Melodie says:

    What absolutely gorgeous tomatoes. That would make a great screensaver. Since I am here, to answer your question from my blog, she's 3. :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Jynax says:

    Just discovered your site early this morning. What great pictures you have here…all the better to feel hungry for!

    I will be back more as the week goes on. :)

  3. Meeling says:

    Love the tomato picture! Gorgeous colors…fresh garden tomatoes are the best!! The "mystery" squash looks like Kabocha?

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks Melodie! Your photo makes me all warm and fuzzy :)

  5. snarkyvegan says:

    Your mystery squash looks exactly like my mystery squash. I'm thinking they're sweet dumpling squash. My favorite tomato is the Persimmon of course since I won 3rd place with it in our local tomato contest!

  6. Laura says:

    Thanks, that's funny you got the same kind. They seem to have originated in a food Share box (like CSA). I'm going to roast them up this weekend.

  7. Sherilaugh says:

    Ya, those are Sweet Dumpling squash. A couple other good ones to try are Sweet Potato (Delicata) squash and Honey Bear Squash.

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