{ Photos } project 365 week 33 August 21st – August 27th 2014


27.08.2014 Back in the city at the playground by our house. 26.08.2014 If you’re going for haircuts you might as well wear all the hair clips in the house. 25.08.2014 Making pumpkin chilli with friends. 24.08.2014 We had a silkscreening birthday party for Becca at 4 Cats Art Studio. It was a big hit. 23.08.2014 Patricia radishes at […]

Amazing, Flavourful, Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese


This is how I make Macaroni and Cheese. And now that school is in full swing I am making lots of it. This is Rebecca practicing her tiny violin. I try hard not to over schedule our family yet we frequently find ourselves in a dinner time crunch. Especially on days when Becca goes to her violin lessons […]

{ Photos } project 365 week 31 August 7th – August 13th 2014


13.08.2014 Our barn at dusk. 12.08.2014 We will eventually finish painting our metal lawn chairs. Someday. 11.08.2014 Purple Beauty Pepper. 10.08.2014 A visit to the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park is the best way to end the day. 09.08.2014 Second Cousin Audrey came to visit and it was lots of fun. 08.08.2014 Rebecca is FIVE! So we made […]

{ Photos } project 365 week 30, July 31st – August 6th, 2014


I’m still taking a photo a day, just having a really hard time getting them posted here on the site. So here we are! Almost 2 months later. Picking garlic and arriving at the cottage. 06.08.2014 Robin and Harrison have found the trucks at the cottage and they are really impressed. 05.08.2014 A swallowtail caterpillar […]