How to: Night Time Cloth Diapering

We have a bullet proof over night diapering combo we’d like to share.  We regularly go 12 hours over night without a change and we have never had any leak issues. None.  I’d actually never given in much thought until last weekend when talking to some moms who use disposables and hearing some real horror […]

How to: Cloth Baby Wipes

how to make cloth baby wipes

We use cloth diapers for Rebecca (and now Robin) and although we get asked about the diapers all the time we also frequently field questions about wipes.  We do buy disposables from time to time but 99% of the time we use cloth wipes. We prefer cloth wipes for a quite a few reasons.  For […]

Recipe: Perfect Cinnamon rolls AKA Cinnamuffins


After many glorious failures on the cinnamon bread front, I have finally found and tweaked a great recipe for cinnamon bread.  Not to stop there, we have now developed the perfect recipe for cinnamon rolls.   Ryan calls them cinnamuffins and Rebecca likes to unwind them and share them with the dog. This is a real […]

Wordless Wednesday: Rebecca meets Eggplant

This is what I am contending with when I try and take product shots for Etsy.  I think the baby led weaning has something to do with it. Hmmm, what do we have here? Don’t mind if I do. Delicious! These are great! And they match my dress! How about we have some watermelon instead? Ryan and […]