Lucky Etsy Baby


I couldn’t help it, the new baby needed a few things from fellow Canadian Etsy sellers Rebecca and Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company. A cheerful little package arrived today.  It contained a sweet sheep bib (baby’s quilt will have this fabric in it too) and tiny organic hat for the first few days. { update } […]

Oh My Mess! to DIY Pantry P0rn


Way back in January,  I was inspired to clean up my pantry.  Friends at Well Preserved and Folks Gotta Eat were writing these great posts about overhauling their pantries and finding 10 bags of quinoa, 4 bags of icing sugar and secret stashes of pudding mix.  Well I dove right in, found my share of […]

Famous Fractals

Romanesco Broccoli Veronica Cauliflower Fractals

Some time last week I was lucky enough to be featured on etsy’s front page. One thing always leads to another and this time that means this article and my fractal broccoli photo published on So thanks To April Deacon for making a great Etsy front page treasury and to Natania Barron for calling my seeds “welcome […]