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The First Rule of Seed Club is…

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

I often get asked how I do it. How I run a business, take care of two littles, carve out just a little time for some volunteer work and even maybe a little time for myself (I went to the dentist and the naturopathic doctor this week. That counts, right?). The truth is it’s a combination of things and none are really anything super human. I make lists, have a loose weekly schedule that includes Fridays off, I wear my baby on my back, I’m getting better at knowing when to say no and more importantly when to say yes.  I’m hoping to get a few posts written about all this work at home nonsense and even though I have that scheduled for once a week I’m not going to feel guilty when it doesn’t happen.

One of the most important things is knowing when to find help. So this year when our spring season ramped up earlier than ever and baby Robin decided to grow teeth we called in some help.  In past years Ryan and I have invited a few friends and my brothers over sporadically to help pack seeds but this year we have taken a different approach. We’ve found a nice group of old friends and former employees and even an almost teenager to play duplo for hours at a time. Then we get everyone together at the same time and pack seeds.  It’s like the scenes in Fight Club where you look through the house and everyone is making soap. Except with us it’s seeds and nothing blows up.

So here’s our cast of characters. They are all awesome and I thought I should introduce them to you as it’s quite possible they helped fill your seed order.

Clara may pack seeds on Sundays but really she’s an awesome illustrator who makes these awesome feminist body positive punk rock watercolours. She can build a goblin caves out of duplo and might be Becca’s favourite person in the whole world.

Gerald used to work for Ryan. Then I stole him and he worked for me. Now he builds robots. Really. 

Alison and I used to work together. She’s got a shiny new job that started this week and she’s a girl guide leader.  How cool is that? She is also an expert at cutting and pasting and I like her very much.

Hazel finds being a mascot exhausting and wishes she got more fan mail.

Rebecca is getting really good at threshing seeds. She’ll work for honey sticks so that’s a real bonus.

Last but not least, these guys.  Ryan and Robin work really well together. Ryan prints and folds the seed packs, Robin tries to eat them. Ryan even got to combine some of his many jobs by making us this cool little video and testing out a new GoPro camera at the very same time. Talk about multitasking!

Please take a peek at a day’s work reduced to 30 seconds:

By getting together all at once instead of picking away at the work a little at a time we get a ton of work done. It’s quite a bit of fun, we all eat a nice meal together and then we do it again the next week. Just because you’re self-employed doesn’t mean you have to work all by yourself.

A Snowy Day in Toronto

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Just a few photos of Rebecca, Robin and Hazel enjoying the snow mostly for my mom who was horrified that I couldn’t convince Rebecca to go out in it yesterday.

Ryan has been working something like 100 hours a week so there have been some logistical issues with solo parenting.  Robin’s foot brace means that none of the 4 different snow outfits we have actually cover all of him; this one is open on the back.  I normally just wear him in a baby carrier and cover us both up in the ergo coat but I can’t really play in the snow like that. So the bouncy chair came outside.

I think I’ll put him on my back and take everyone for a walk this afternoon.

 So a good time was had by all and we were all back inside by 9 am. Now Rebecca says we need to make a cake.