Let’s Wrap This Up: Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping and Etsy Finds


Inspired by Karen’s Christmas pledge over at The Art of Doing Stuff I am trying my hardest to stay ahead of the holiday madness and not over commit myself this year. She’s pledged to be done (DONE!) her christmas preparations by December 4th so she’s free to enjoy the holidays. I’m inspired, but as the […]

Cheerful Cloth Napkins and a Giveaway So You Can Have Some Too


Sometimes the simplest things can make you happy.  Like 20 year old cloth napkins stolen from your mother.  Or actually using all those vintage handkerchiefs for something.  Trading seeds for napkins on etsy is also nice.  As is receiving kitchy gifts in the mail from Rosa.  Matching dishes with napkins is strangely satisfying. Gillian of […]

How to: Recycled Wool Felt Christmas Wreath


Our new wreath gets quite a bit of attention.  But I have a secret, it wasn’t hard to make and it’s really just an old jacket and took one long baby nap to make. Here’s how to do it: First you need some felt.  This is wreath was formerly an old wool jacket that I felted in […]

How to: Night Time Cloth Diapering

We have a bullet proof over night diapering combo we’d like to share.  We regularly go 12 hours over night without a change and we have never had any leak issues. None.  I’d actually never given in much thought until last weekend when talking to some moms who use disposables and hearing some real horror […]

How to: Cloth Baby Wipes

how to make cloth baby wipes www.cubitsorganics.com

We use cloth diapers for Rebecca (and now Robin) and although we get asked about the diapers all the time we also frequently field questions about wipes.  We do buy disposables from time to time but 99% of the time we use cloth wipes. We prefer cloth wipes for a quite a few reasons.  For […]