DIY Felted Wool Balls for Busy Toddlers


Let me start by saying that my family has a slight wool addiction.  We all have thick wool blankets, there’s a pile of wool coats in the porch, we suggest wool CSA’s from Stoddart farms as Christmas gifts, Rebecca has an outstanding assortment of hand knitted hats and wore wool diaper covers in her babyhood. […]

How to Have a Perfect Day


Take 1 mini muffin tin add 8 types of heirloom beans and 1 bad cat  and a mother with a new lens  for hours of pure bliss. Hours (!) of bean sorting by Rebecca and bean chasing by Zooey. My gorgeous beans all mixed up. May Flower and Poltschka Pole Beans. I think they are sorted by […]

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday: Ditch / skip the sippy cup


Recently over on Twitter, Amy from Hearts into Home was asking about skipping the sippy cup.  So I thought I’d share a few photos of Becca and her mad cup skills.  You can google why you’d want to skip one as I don’t really feel like hosting another round of the great sippy debate here. […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Quilt is Finished

I finished Rebecca’s Christmas present on Christmas Eve.  It’s my very first quilt, and although its a little wonky in places we’re all quite pleased with it.  It’s just the right size to sleep under or drag around the house. Its a three braid quilt, the red one is for Rebecca, The green one is […]