Moosewood Vegetable Soup with Extra Mushrooms and Alphabets


Mmm Moosewood.  Mollie Katzen’s Classic cookbooks are all well worn around these parts.  I’ve mentioned them here before, but somehow forgot to share our favourite soup during last year’s soup swap recipe posts.   The Moosewood Vegetable Soup from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest and it’s many variations are a regular part of our fall meals around here. […]

Recipe: Fantastic Fennel and Fiddleheads!


Here’s one of our favourite recipes, a grilled summertime salad especially for new mothers, cottage trips & vegans.  It’s excellent to bring over when visiting new babies as its delicious and easy to eat with one hand as well as fennel being a great galactagogue that also seems to help with a colicy or refluxy baby. […]

Recipe: Almost Moosewood Mac and Cheese


Mac & Cheese, an essential autumn comfort food is really not much harder to make for real than out of the box.  The recipe our family uses started out with the Moosewood version but has changed a bit over the years.  I highly recommend any of Mollie Katzen’scookbooks; the recipes are delicious, vegetarian and very easy […]