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Easy Preserving; Grind and Freeze Zucchini to Eat all Winter

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

3 People Squee for Zuchini_combo

More Squee for Zucchini

I’ve never been very good a growing zucchini, until this year where I stopped fussing over it and totally neglected it.

Black Beauty Zucchini on the vine

Seems zucchini likes neglect.

The only issue now is that we keep accidentally letting these summer sqush grow to be as big as the baby. We had one that weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces. 

Zucchini as big as the baby

Big zucchinis are fine, just not as tender and tasty as when you pick them smaller.  They aren’t quite tasty enough to be bbqed or eaten on shrimp tacos but are excellent it you grind or shred them and freeze to add to your winter recipes. I’m done with fussy preserving techniques and this is as simple as things get.

We use shredded zucchini all winter so I was thrilled to try out the kitchen aid food grinder attachment for our stand mixer. Turns out Rebecca was even more thrilled than me. She easily could have put hunks of zucchini through that shoot for an entire day, unfortunately for her we packed away 20 pounds of it in no time.

Slicing zucchini with cutco chef knife

I cut off the ends and then roughly chopped it into sticks and let her go to town.  She put a stick in at a time and then pushed it down with all her almost-4 year old effort.

Rebecca uses the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Food Grinder Attachment

Zucchini in the Kitchen Aid Grinder Attachment

Once we had a big bowl of summer squash pulp, I scooped it into one cup servings which we froze in ziplock bags. Even though it clearly looks like shreaded zucchini, I labled each bag with exactly what’s in it and how much.  In a few months I won’t know what’s what.

measuring out zucchini to freeze

We bake it into muffins.  I add a cup of it to spaghetti sauce.

Freezing ground zucchini

That’s it.  A freezer full o’zucchini with little effort.

Wordless Wednesday: Our 1st Zucchini

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Our first zucchini of the season was delicious despite growing a little too big. Rebecca was certainly impressed.