A peek into our business.

Did you know that all our seeds are hand-packed and quality checked by handsome bearded men?

They are fuelled by light beer and spaghetti and accompanied by a large dog who keeps them from leaning back on the couch and a non sleeping toddler who steals the occasional pack and fills it with cereal.
 They each have fancy art degrees which makes them perfect for the job; glorified cutting and pasting.
I make them work really fast, too fast to photograph.


  1. Laura says

    I have one too so I can tease.
    What do you do with a degree in printmaking? Sell organic vegetable seeds on the internet of course!

  2. rctees says

    Oh Laura…this is priceless!!

    So much fun to see the "inside" action.
    Thanks for sharing…gave me a little chuckle : )



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