A peek into our business.

Did you know that all our seeds are hand-packed and quality checked by handsome bearded men?

They are fuelled by light beer and spaghetti and accompanied by a large dog who keeps them from leaning back on the couch and a non sleeping toddler who steals the occasional pack and fills it with cereal.
 They each have fancy art degrees which makes them perfect for the job; glorified cutting and pasting.
I make them work really fast, too fast to photograph.


11 Responses to “A peek into our business.”

  1. Teresa~ Gardening with Soule says:


  2. Laura says:

    Glad you like it :)

  3. MrBrownThumb says:

    LMAO. Really what more can you say after you took a dig at their art degrees. LMAO.

  4. Laura says:

    I have one too so I can tease.
    What do you do with a degree in printmaking? Sell organic vegetable seeds on the internet of course!

  5. Meeling says:

    Too cute!
    Love the dog pillow idea…hmmm, might have to employ that one at my house! ;-)

  6. Potted Farm says:

    You've sold me on the bearded men. If it's men with BEARDS checking my seed order then I'm in. :)

  7. Basht says:

    And with that i now have to put in an order from you very soon :)

  8. rctees says:

    Oh Laura…this is priceless!!

    So much fun to see the "inside" action.
    Thanks for sharing…gave me a little chuckle : )


  9. bakingbarb says:

    Awesome to see.

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