Protein Packed Mashed Potatoes with Cottage Cheese

Mashed Potatoes with Cottage Cheese

I’ll admit, I barely know what cottage cheese tastes like. I buy it, put it in the fridge, and then my husband sits down and eats the whole tub with a spoon. In order to share this recipe I had to sneakily buy and mash potatoes during a baby nap. If Ryan had the chance he would have stolen the cheese with no regrets.

Good thing he didn’t, since I really needed to make mashed potatoes.  Chunky, cheesy, mashed potatoes.

Mashed Potatoes with Cottage Cheese

We are constantly in search of protein around here, I’m not sure why but I especially find my daughter and I are happier the more protein we have. With 30 grams of protein per cup, cottage cheese in the mashed potatoes is an easy way to sneak a little extra into our meals.


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12 Responses to “Protein Packed Mashed Potatoes with Cottage Cheese”

  1. Yum! these potatoes sound delish! And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who eats a whole container of cottage cheese at a sitting :)

    And secondary yay for giveaways! We managed to smash the glass part of our blender so this would be useful for sure !

  2. looks fabulous and flavourful

  3. Soozle says:

    I love to eat cottage cheese with cut up cucumbers and tomatoes and a tsp of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Very yummy :)

  4. Maggie says:

    I never thought of putting cottage cheese with mashed potatoes. Sounds tasty.

  5. Monica says:

    Wonderful contest

  6. Lauren says:

    It’s weird, all of the things I read about people putting in mashed potatoes, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen cottage cheese on the list. Brilliant!

  7. Amy Heffernan says:

    I enjoy to eat it on Homemade Hamburgers!! YUM!

  8. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-Parr says:

    I love to use cottage cheese in a lot of my baking, I switch out a few wet items to make it more smooth.

  9. Amber says:

    I love this giveaway… how original! And super useful. I love cottage cheese just from the tub too.. it never lasts long enough to cook with :)

  10. Ryan says:

    I do eat all the cottage cheese…

  11. Dana says:

    My husband and I love cottage cheese in salads, baked goods and part of main dishes.
    But we found it irreplaceable as a base for cinnamon, used daily to control the body’s sugar level (diabetes).

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