A day well spent (with the 25 pound Ladybug)

After sleeping in a bit this morning, we eventually made our way across the city to the Wychwood Art Barns for their last outdoor farmer’s market of the year.  We made it to our regular market at East Lynne Park earlier this week (taking Foodland Ontario with us for good measure) so this was mostly […]

Real Food Recipe: Heavenly Baked Beans


We have always been relatively healthy eaters but everybody has their vices, mine is canned beans. Due to the baby’s soy allergy/intolerance, our participation in the Nestle boycott,and the desire to eat more whole foods we’ve been making things from scratch.  There is little as satisfying as taking an over processed comfort/junk food and using […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Great Pumpkin Hat

We have a new hat, a 14 month old and a new camera. So we went for a walk in the Glen Stewart Ravine in the Toronto Beach.  Therefore 302 photographs were taken in under an hour. The fabulous pumpkin hat is from a great Canadian Etsy Seller, Cutie Patootees out of Kingston, Ontario and I think everybody […]

Something wonderful came in the mail: A felt carrot

Rebecca has recently really started playing with her little wooden stove, she especially likes it when a cat hangs out inside the oven. So for Christmas we have started collecting some nice felt food from etsy to go with the stove.  I’m thinking about building her a little sink too.  This week a lovely carrot from […]

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Almost the Last Harvest of the year


Here are the left overs from cleaning up the front yard garden; a few cucumbers including one little crystal apple cucumber and a ton of mainly-green tomatoes.  I’ll keep them around for a few days to admire, we’ll see what else ripens, then I’m going to try some of Gayla’s Roasted Green Tomatoes. After all that yard […]