project 365: week twenty one: May 21st, 2011 – May 27th, 2011

May 21st,  2011 Ladybug meet macro lens.
May 22nd, 2011 A visit to Port Dover, Ontario
May 23rd, 2011 Grilling peppers for the first bbqed pizza of the year.
May 24th, 2011 She can help in the garden this year! 
May 25th, 2011 Future Strawberry. 
May 26th, 2011 creme brule coral bells.
May 27th, 2011 Oatmeal Blueberry muffins.

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5 Responses to “project 365: week twenty one: May 21st, 2011 – May 27th, 2011”

  1. Iveth Morales says:

    Gorgeous images! how sweet is the little one helping you out in the garden :D precious!

  2. Crunchy Diva says:

    oh my goodness what great photos! i love the shot of your muffins mmmmmm they look so yummy!

  3. julie cavender says:

    Fantastic photos. I have coral bells, too. I love all the colors they come in. I can almost smell those muffins!

  4. Laura says:

    I am going to post a recipe for muffins soon! I need to eat a few dozen more first!

  5. Meeling says:

    Fantastic photos…the ladybug shot is so cool!

    Yes please…want that muffin recipe!! ;-)

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