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{ Photos } project 365 week 35 September 11th – September 17 2014

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


09.17.2014 Perfect Rose of Sharron in my Toronto back yard.


09.16.2014 Robin throwing rocks in Lake Ontario in Toronto’s Beaches. He asked tot go to the beach and we went.  I think he was surprised we could just do that.


09.15.2014 Red Currant and Snow White tomatoes. They are so tiny.


09.14.2014 Robin eats as many tomatoes as he picks.


09.13.2014 Pink catches bugs in the row covers. What a good cat.


09.12.2014 We have found a secret pathway to school.  It’s terrible with baby strollers but perfect for 5 years olds.

09.11.2014 Rebecca is special helper at kindergarten so Robin figures he is too.

{ Photos } project 365 week 34 September 4th – September 10 2014

Friday, October 10th, 2014

09.10.2014 Kaleidoscope Jewel Tomato

09.10.2014 We pretty much took photos of tomatoes for a week straight.  This is Kaleidoscope Jewel Tomato.

09.09.2014  Blanche du Canada Tomatoes

09.09.2014 Here’s some Blanche du Canada Tomatoes looking pretty on my new plate.


09.08.2014 My charming photo assistant arranging Patricia Radishes for their photo shoot.

09.07.2014 Picking San Marzano Tomatoes

09.07.2014 Rebecca picking San Marzano Tomatoes.


09.06.2014 Rebecca and Robin love these benches at Norman Hardie Winery.  We were supposed to be delivering garlic and eating gluten free pizza. We ended up buying wine and eating most of the peas growing in the gardens.


09.05.2014 Couch naps are always glorious.


09.04.2014 Robin walks home from nursery school. He cries at drop off but likes packing his monkey knapsack.