BARN SALE! As in we’d like to buy a barn so we are having a sale.

First step in buying this barn so my dog can do this all the time?

Clear out some of this extra stock from our etsy shop:

So we’re having a sale! A fabulous sale! 

A limited time offer of 9 packs of our fabulous Organic Seeds for only $25! That’s well over $5 of savings.

These are surprise selections of our favourite rare, heirloom and organic seeds for your garden. We’re over stocked on some varieties and would like to clean up our inventory. 

There are 5 different packages to chose from:

a rainbow of our heirloom tomatoes
a cornucopia of all our seeds
for the vegetable garden
greens and lettuces

This is a great way to prepare for next year’s gardening season or get a late planting in with our great heirloom, rare and organic seeds.


{ sale ends June 30th, 2011 or when sale stock runs out }


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