We’re Having a Sale! A Barn Sale for the Actual Barn!


This is our barn. Our Loyalist Ontario English Style Dairy Barn.  It’s Lovely. This is Rebecca ready to fix the barn. Build for optimal wind over the threshing floor means the winds get quite strong. This spring, we bought a barn and then the door promptly blew off .  We can fix it, but it […]

Thin Your Seedlings, right onto your plate!

Black Radish Seedlings Growing in Crate c Laura Watt Cubits 2012

Gardening with small children in an exercise in letting go of any tidy gardening habits you may have had in the past.  When letting a toddler help you out, you are likely to get thick masses of seedlings growing together.  Rather than fighting it and trying to grow things in straight lines, I find it […]