{ Photos } project 365 week 9 February 26th-March 4th 2014


03.04.2014 No school today so we sat on the dining room table and played with lentils and egg cartons.

03.03.2014 Fennel Salad

03.03.2014 Fennel Salad for lunch.


03.02.2014 Rebecca takes a bath.


03.01.2014 Hard at work at the first Seedy Saturday for Quinte West in Trenton, Ontario.


02.28.2014 Back in the county taking photos of Heather and Steve’s eggs.

02.27.2014 baby gets a haircut

02.27.2014 Robin gets a haircut!


02.26.2014 Robin found the room of things with wheels at his sisters school.


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    Hi! I just found your blog through freedible! Your photos are absolutely stunning! And that fennel salad looks so good! I was wondering if you would consider sharing the recipe with the freedible community? I’m a huge fennel fan, and always in search of ways to eat more of it! :) Thank you! I can’t wait to explore your blog! -Rebecca

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