Planting Autumn Garlic

Harvesting Garlic

Can you ever have enough garlic?  I know we used 10 cloves in tonight’s dinner  alone, so I’m already worried that we don’t have enough to last the winter.  After disappointing seasons of not being able to grow garlic at all we’ve had great results the last few years. With a little practice, garlic is […]

Kale Caesar Salad; Eating Local in Prince Edward County

Chopping Kale Chiffonade

Caesar Salad has always been in heavy rotation on our weekly menus and recently we’ve had some Caesar salad epiphanies. Here is a list of simple caesar salad ideas that have made us a little giddy. And garlicky. Ceasar Salad is amazing with kale.  Romaine is nice, but kale is nutrient dense and filling and […]

Cubit’s Classic Basil Pesto Recipe

Cubit's Classic Basil Pesto Recipe

I make quite a bit of pesto in the summertime and it seems I have posted variations on our pesto recipe a few times too (here it is with garlic scapes, and then again with arugula). Somehow I keep skipping our classic basil version though. Which is a real shame as it is really so […]

The last of this Season’s Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scape Round up from Cubit's Organic Living

This is it, the last of this year’s scapes. I picked them last night, gave a handful to a neighbour who has been eyeing them, had Ryan roast some up with potatoes for last night’s dinner, and this afternoon I’ll turn the rest into this pesto with arugula and kale from the garden. Combined with my […]

Instagram Updates. Now with More Scapes.


There’s so much going on right now that I’m having trouble writing any of it down. It’s all good, just a little dizzying. Here’s a few quick instagram shots from the last few days and a promise that I will finish and hit publish on a bunch of half written posts.