Riverdale Farm with Farmers Feed Cities

Riverdale Farm with Farmer Feed Cities and #freshfromthefield

Now that we’ve officially started on our farming adventure we’ve been taking every opportunity we get to talk to farmers of all sorts. So when our family was recently invited to meet some Ontario Farmers at Riverdale Farm as part of #freshfromthefield the answer was a definitive yes. Farmers that actually wanted to talk to the city […]

New in the Shop! Cubit’s Farm & Food Photos on Etsy

Laura Watt Screen Print Collage cc 2002

Once upon a time, I used to sell my art. Unfortunately I found the whole ordeal extraordinarily stressful. I think back to the stress of openings, the expense of showing in galleries, and enormous effort of the outdoor shows and just shudder. So a few years ago, I decided that I needed a nice long […]

Bumble Bee Bumble

glass lids for atlas and crown jars

We’ve been trying to use some our pre-baby-delivery nesting drive to get some work done at the farm. Some of the most useful space (and shade) we have is in two giant vehicle sheds.  They’re full of some pretty amazing stuff, old chairs, glass lids for jars, random cow milking aparatus.  You know, amazing stuff. […]

The last of this Season’s Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scape Round up from Cubit's Organic Living

This is it, the last of this year’s scapes. I picked them last night, gave a handful to a neighbour who has been eyeing them, had Ryan roast some up with potatoes for last night’s dinner, and this afternoon I’ll turn the rest into this pesto with arugula and kale from the garden. Combined with my […]