Little Summer Moments

Kinder surprise on the Canadian Shield #kindermom

School is finally out and we have officially moved to the farm for the summer! Hooray! This means my family is on vacation but I am most certainly not.  This is the time of year where I get to fret about tomatoes and take notes about radishes while they blow bubbles.  It’s lovely and full […]

Foraging: Brewing Sumach Iced Tea

Clipping Sumach

We spent summer drinking iced tea made from foraged sumach bobs. We’re enjoying it well into fall this year and have even frozen some of their fruit, known as drupes, for a vitamin C boost later this winter. One of my brothers was under the impressions that the gorgeous red blossoms of sumach trees were […]

A Weekend Escape to Niagara Falls, The Good Earth and a Really Nice Hat


Just catching up after a nice weekend away in Niagara Falls. Living in Toronto, we’ve been many times and each season has it’s perks. The mist is cool in the summer, the icicles are stunning in the winter, Niagara Parks plants amazing gardens in the Spring. In Autumn it’s the gorgeous colours in the changing […]